4 Digital Marketing Tools that you should use

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Throughout my activity in this exciting world of digital marketing, I spend a significant amount of time trying out new digital marketing tools. It is incessant the flow of new digital marketing tools that arise and be up to date is almost an impossible mission. In the measure of our possibilities we try to know what is going to emerge that is relevant.

During the year I teach several practical workshops on “Internet Tools”, in which we explain the functionalities and show the use of 50 online digital marketing tools available classified by type of functionality: web improvement, internal and external communication, network management social, teamwork, project management, content management, presentations, videos and images, etc.

The objective is to save attendees time dedicated to the search, trial and error, and training in use until they find the tools that can best be adapted to their needs.

In this article I would like to share with you, not so much the latest and most sophisticated digital tools, but if I use them daily, some are a classic such as Hootsuite, Google Keyword Tool or Jing. And allow me the license, of course, to share with you my latest discovery in what 2.0 tools are concerned.

We include a link to a video tutorial of each tool except the last one (you will see that it is not necessary)

If you want to keep up to date with new digital marketing tools or consult about what 2.0 tools can be useful for any specific activity, join our group on LinkedIn “Internet Tools”.

1. Feedly

Tool that allows efficient management of blogs and favorite news for quick reading and possibility to share on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and by mail.

The application of this tool for mobile is very practical. We can use it in “dead” moments: in the queue of the bus, or in the doctor’s room of views, to read the news of our sector and share them with our followers in social networks.

It is usually the first digital tool that I use in the day.

2. Hootsuite

HootSuite is a tool to manage several social networks from the same control panel. I use it mostly for the management of Twitter. Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn I usually manage directly from each platform.

Hoosuite has two very practical features:

The ability to schedule the sending of your messages to the hours and days you want.
The URL shortener.

3. Google Adwords Keyword Planner (formerly: Google Keyword Tool)

It is a classic for SEO. One of the pillars of your Internet business, I would say that the base of the business is a good selection of keywords to incorporate into your website, your blog and as a source of headlines for your posts, messages and videos.

Although now to use it you have to sign up in the Keyword Planner Google Adwords, do not stop doing it (on the other hand it is very simple).

Basically this tool tells you the monthly searches for each keyword that you indicate and will give you keyword alternatives and the number of searches. You can filter by countries and languages.

4. Jing

It is a tool that records what appears or what we have selected on the screen of our computer and at the same time the sound: our voice, as long as we have an integrated or external microphone.

Once the recording is finished we can archive the video or send it in the form of a link (URL) by email. The recipient to receive and click will see a video with our voice and what we want to show.

The maximum duration of the video is 5 minutes. The paid version has more features such as the automatic upload of the video to YouTube.

Edna Watts